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We are a select group of professionals who have decided to come together to offer, personalized and assertive legal services. Our approach is not only to attend to your legal situations, but also to provide close attention; that you can be sure that we are your trusted Lawyers.

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Foto Alba Cristina Lawyer
Alba Cristina Ríos Torres

She has a degree in Law and Political Science, graduated from the National University of Panama.

She completed a Master's degree in procedural law, and in this way reinforced the knowledge acquired by her experience in the area of litigation; especially criminal and civil proceedings.

She is certified to advise in the area of compliance or "compliance".

She is a member of Panamanians organizations such as: The Panamanian Institute of Criminal Procedure Law (IPDPP) and Alianza Ciudadana Pro Justicia.

Due to her work as a Lawyer, within a Law Firm, she has participated in high-profile criminal proceedings in the Republic of Panama, cases such as: odebrecht, epasa or new business, among others.

Her favorite phrase is: "Excellence is more than a result, it is never giving up."

Foto Edderson Green Lawyer
Edderson Green M

He studied at the National University of Panama.

Passionate about his areas of work, tax and corporate law. Areas in which he keeps up to date.

He is a specialist in public procurement.

His favorite phrase is "Only in the dictionary, success comes before work" Donald Kendall.